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Australia's Premier Workplace Investigators
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Workplace Investigations is the original HR consultancy business in Australia providing workplace investigations services to the public and private sectors. We are based in Brisbane but provide workplace investigation, workplace conflict resolution, and workplace investigations training services throughout Australia.

The principal of Workplace Investigations is Christina Turner who is well known in the HR community as being the pioneer of workplace investigations research and methodology since the early 1990's. She has conducted well in excess of 400 workplace investigations throughout the public and private sectors. 

We are known not only for conducting workplace investigations and major reviews but also for the delivery of The Workplace Investigations Training Programâ„¢ which has been delivered to over 3500 participants since 1997. (see more information under "Our Services")

Public deliveries of The Workplace Investigations Training Programâ„¢ are now being made not only through the Australian Institute of Management in Queensland but also through AIM in NSW and ACT. Dates are as follows: 

Brisbane                                        Sydney                               Canberra
26-27 March 2013                       20-21 March 2013            22-23 May 2013
15-16 May 2013                          12-13 June 2013               2-3 October 2013
21-22 August 2013                     24-25 July 2013
23-24 October 2013                    7-8 November 2013 

We continue to offer in-house/corporate programs directly through Workplace Investigations - please contact Christina Turner directly for details.

We also trade in Queensland as Workplace Investigations Australia & Workplace Investigations Queensland Pty Ltd. We trade in New South Wales as Workplace Investigations

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